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As the exclusive U.S./North American wholesale dealer to Sturm Europe, we have access to a wide selection of authentic military surplus, tactical gear,  outdoor supplies, MIL-TEC® and Teesar® gear along with an extensive WWII historical costume line.


Our relationship with Sturm Europe give us the unique position to offer our customers the best prices on European military surplus & MIL-TEC® tactical and outdoor products.


STURM is your worldwide connection for Military Surplus and MIL-TEC®  tactical and outdoor products.


Sturm European Military Surplus is a wholesale only company  that was open in the US in 1983. Sturm is the largest distributor of European military surplus around the world. We import into the US the best military gear from foreign nations and have over 2,000 different items in stock in our U.S. warehouses. Our motto is “Toothpicks to Tanks… We sell just about everything in between”.


Our MIL-TEC® brand of tactical and outdoor equipment was started in the 90’s and has evolved to fit the special needs for the police, tactical, outdoor industry and so much more.


We also have a large selection of WWII historical military costumes for reenactment and for the movie industry.


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